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I get thousands of requests a year to blog about products or services, but I turn down over 99% of them. This is the other 1%; the products and services I use, love, and wholeheartedly recommend for you to grow your business.

If a product or service is on this page, it means I personally have tested it, recommend it, and endorse it.

My Own Products

Starting and Running Your Business

  • Powerpay. Need to accept credit cards online? I use and recommend Powerpay.biz. They have great rates and a high approval, and they integrate with nearly everyone. Sign up for your Powerpay merchant account today.
  • 1ShoppingCart. The easiest shopping cart around; I use 1ShoppingCart to sell products online. It integrates with just about everything! Start your trial of 1ShoppingCart!
  • Hostgator. I have a higher-end dedicated server, but if you’re just getting started, I recommend Hostgator. I have referred many people to Hostgator, and all of them are happy. Plus, you can’t beat the price! Set up your web hosting account with Hostgator.
  • Legalzoom. If you need to incorporate your business, this is the place to do it! They take care of all the legal mumbo-jumbo. I have used them multiple times to file a DBA (Doing Business As) and set up my corporation. Set up your corporation or file a DBA.
  • MindMeister. In my post How To Make A Mind Map, I explain why mind maps are important and how setting up a mind map can help you complete that project you never seem to get done. I use MindMeister, a free web-based tool, to create mind maps. Start using MindMeister for free!
  • Camtasia. Ever wondered how people do those videos where they talk and it shows their computer screen? They’re called “screencast” videos, and I use Camtasia to do them. Start your free trial of Camtasia or buy it on Amazon (Amazon is the cheapest place to buy it.)
  • Skype. With Skype, you can not only call anyone on Skype for free, but you can buy SkypeOut credit and call anyone in the U.S. for 2.1 cents per minute! I use Skype to record calls; for instance, when I am running a teleseminar, or when I am conducting an interview. Download Skype for free.
  • RingCentral toll-free number. Get a toll-free number for your business with RingCentral. I did a lot of research before picking RingCentral, and I’m glad I did — RingCentral is one of the cheapest providers around. The toll-free number can be forwarded or set to ring multiple numbers. Great service; I have been a customer for years. Get a toll-free number for your business!
  • RingCentral fax. Watch my video review of RingCentral’s fax service to find out how to fax via the Internet (even if you have to fax your signature!), then sign up for your free trial and start faxing online!

Blogging Tools

  • Aweber. I use Aweber to manage my email subscribers. Why use a paid option when there are so many free ones? Simple: Aweber gives you tons of flexibility. In addition to automatically emailing your subscribers when you have a new blog post, it lets you email them any time, for any reason. This helps you build a deeper relationship with your community by sending special emails. You can use this for anything from promoting products to giving away free stuff. One of my favorite examples is when I did a special, free conference call just for my list — I had 74 callers call in and ask me business questions!This relationship-building is invaluable, and well worth the small amount that Aweber charges every month. Get started with Aweber for just $1.
  • WooThemes - WordPress themes for everyone
  • WooThemes. You may be wondering how I set up my blog to show popular posts on the right side, for instance. The blog theme I use is called Fresh News, and it’s from WooThemes. I highly recommend them, and their themes are definitely worth investing in.

Saving Money

  • Entertainment Book. I’m a fan of coupons, but saving 50 cents just isn’t that exciting! That’s why I love the Entertainment book. From $5 off a $50 purchase at my local grocery store, to buy-one, get-one-free deals at local restaurants (even the really nice restaurants!), this is a purchase that pays off for me year after year. Start saving with the Entertainment book.


Real Estate

  • ZipRealty. I use ZipRealty to track my local real estate market. They keep track of price drops on houses you are interested in, send you email alerts for new houses on the market (even if what you want is very specific!), and best of all, it’s totally free. Sign up for free.


Some of these links may make me a few dollars if you sign up. In all cases, you are not charged extra for using my link, and you help support erica.biz. Thank you!

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