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Dear California: I'm Leaving You. Here's Why…

California, I'm leaving you I’ve lived in California for my entire adult life, beginning way back when I was a naive 18-year-old living in the dorms of San Jose State University. (Talk about culture shock…coming from a small farm town in Indiana to the inner city of downtown San Jose!)

In 2009, after living in the Bay Area for nearly 10 years, I decided I wanted a change of pace. San Diego called my name, and I’ve been here since. But now I’m ready to move on…and I’m sad to say the reason why. (more…)

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How I Gained An Additional $804 Every Month in Passive Income–with Just 30 Minutes of Work

Passive income After you read this post, you may think I’m incredibly stupid.

Either that, or you will think I’m a genius.

Perhaps both.

There’s a valuable piece of online real estate that you’re probably not using to its fullest potential. And even though you may have heard this advice before, I bet you’re still not implementing it.

I didn’t implement this tiny tweak for months, even though I knew about it. (That’s the stupid part.) But once I did, I gained $804/month in passive income.

Here’s my big “Duh” moment, and how you can easily put my stupidity/genius into action and gain some income as well, even if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic. (By the way, I’m not selling anything here. But this tweak–I’m not going to lie–could make you more income than a lot of products you buy for $497 do.) (more…)

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Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook Review

Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook Review.
Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate
Handbook review. Is the Super Affiliate
Handbook a scam?
One of the most common questions you ask is, “How should I get started making money online?”

Implied in the question is a story that happens far too often: A person new to the world of making money online gets sucked into any number of scams out there, from blatant take-your-money-and-run scams to buying info products that promise zillions of dollars and just don’t work. That’s why, from when I first started erica.biz, I made a commitment to only promote products that are actually worth it on this site.

And there are surprisingly few of them. (more…)

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