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Double Your Productivity: Absorb Information Twice as Fast

how to download videos I’ve been noticing a trend lately: We buy or download all this great video content, but then we don’t actually watch it. Does this happen to you, too?

Most information products these days come with at least an hour of video training. And often, it’s fantastic–well worth the time investment. But, realistically, we’ll probably never sit down and actually watch it.

I’ve found a way to fix this–a technique so effective that I’ve now made my way through most video information products I’ve purchased in record time while still absorbing all the information. And, I want to share this with you–because if you can absorb video content faster, you can learn faster, and therefore spend more time on your business instead of watching videos! (more…)

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Overwhelmed by "Getting Things Done"? Try This Instead…

overwhelmed by getting things done If you feel like you’re not getting enough done in your business, but complex systems like “Getting Things Done” feel like too much of a production, I completely understand. Here’s my simple to-do system–an alternative to “Getting Things Done”–that I have been using for years. Try it yourself and you just may notice a sea change in your productivity. (more…)

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How To Survey Your Customers for Free Using Google Docs

how to survey free online survey tool. Read this post, and in just 10 minutes, you’ll have created your own survey for your customers or readers! Better yet, you will save hundreds of dollars, as you will likely never pay for an online survey tool again…

It used to be, if you wanted to survey your customers or readers, you would have to pony up some hard-earned dollars for a paid online survey tool. In fact, many of these tools carry a monthly fee, and some don’t easily let you export your data–holding you (and your survey results!) hostage. That is no longer the case. (more…)

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Review: Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You To Be Rich Boot Camp

I Will Teach You To Be Rich 6 Week Boot Camp
Review: Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Boot Camp.
Have you ever felt like your money was in control of you, instead of the other way around? Do you desperately wish your life wasn’t controlled by credit card payments and bills–and you just need a little help to get turned around?

I’m excited to help my friend Ramit Sethi in his quest to help you take back control of your financial future.

This video explains everything, but the story is also below for you…

My Story

In 2007, I nearly bankrupted my business because I didn’t keep track of my finances. I didn’t hire an accountant or financial planner because I “couldn’t afford it”. Little did I know that my business had far more money going out than coming in.

I always thought the numbers would work themselves out. I was smart; I read a ton of business books every month, and my business was growing like gangbusters. What was there to worry about?

It took our landlord locking us out of the building and me having to lay off most of my 6-person staff for me to hit bottom and realize what a terrible mistake I had made. (more…)

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How To Make A Mind Map

How to make a mind map.
How to make a mind map.
Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by some of the projects you are working on…like you’ve set an impossible goal?

I felt that way when I first started writing my Blog Success Manifesto. I started with a blank document and quickly got lost. I had so many ideas, and it just seemed impossible that I could address all of them. The document gathered dust on my hard drive for a few months…until I figured out how to make a mind map.

I brainstormed out at least 20 topics I wanted to talk about, then realized I could sort them into five sections. Once I did that, I easily completed the entire 10,000-word ebook in just a few weeks!

This, too, may seem like a pipe dream to you…so I created a video to walk you through the process of making a mind map. In it, I show you how to map out a project to break it down into manageable pieces, so you can finally finish whatever that big project is that’s been languishing in your head for months or years. I also show you the exact mind map I used to create my Blog Success Manifesto: (more…)

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