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How to Find People on Twitter

How to find people on Twitter.
How to find people on Twitter.
This month, I am experimenting with video. I thought it would be fun to do videos on various topics related to your business — from saving money, to being more productive, to using common tools.

This video is about using Twellow, the “Twitter yellow pages”, to find people who share your interests on Twitter. I use Twellow to find the thought leaders in a niche. You can drill down very specifically; for instance, finding only personal finance bloggers.

If you have a specific target market, Twellow is incredibly useful for finding people in that niche, as well.

I had never heard of Twellow, despite being on Twitter for nearly three years, and that’s why I decided to shoot this video. I have no personal relationship with Twellow.

How to Find People on Twitter (7 minutes)


[2:20] Using Twellow’s primary categories. There are over 47,000 people listed under “Blogging” — wow!
[2:30] Search results are ranked in order of the number of followers a person has. Pete Cashmore of Mashable takes top honors in the “Blogging” category, with over 1.1 million followers.
[4:00] This is where the power of Twellow shines — the ability to search within a category. A search for “personal finance” within the Blogging category finds just 84 people.
[4:30] Once you drill down and find people with fewer followers, it’s more likely you will be able to personally interact with those people.
[4:40] If you do a search that only returns a few people, click on all of their profiles on Twitter and follow most of them.
[5:20] Why you should follow bloggers in your industry even if you’re not a blogger yourself.
[6:05] Twellow shows matching category listings when you search for a specific term, as well. This is the most valuable part of Twellow if you are running a business — you can connect with everyone in your demographic as well as everyone in a target market for your business. Example: CFOs.
[6:55] I currently have over 13,000 followers on Twitter. How did I get so many followers? I give a quick tip.

Requesting Your Feedback!

I’m looking for feedback on this type of blog post. Would you like to see more videos from me? Is there a question you would like me to answer? Would you like to see more videos on how to use Twitter and social media, or videos on other topics?

My plan is to post these videos as blog posts in addition to my regular weekly posts. I thought posting them on Saturdays might be a good way to start. I’m also open to feedback on that.

Please leave a comment with what you thought of this video, as well as what you’d like to see from me in the future regarding video blog posts!

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