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Get More Blog Subscribers with my Blog Success Manifesto (Free 62-page ebook!)

Get more blog subscribers.
It’s finally here! I started this project months ago, and am excited to announce its completion. That’s right–I’ve written my first ebook, and it is yours absolutely free!

Download my Blog Success Manifesto instantly.

If you currently write a blog, or want to start your own blog, this may be one of the most important free guides you will ever read…

Welcome to the biggest project I’ve yet undertaken on my blog! My Blog Success Manifesto is a 62-page, over-10,000-word guide to help you get more blog subscribers in record time…and it’s yours absolutely free, to thank you for being a subscriber.

The book is broken out into five sections and contains thirty tactical tips in order to speed you along the process of getting more subscribers to your blog.

My Story– Over 4,000 Subscribers in Just 18 Months

I bought the domain name erica.biz in December 2007 and migrated my blog to that domain. At the time, I had about 70 subscribers. Now, just a short year and a half later, I have over 4,000 subscribers and am well along the way to reaching my next goal of 10,000 subscribers in 2010.

I may be a bit biased, but I believe this is the best free guide I have ever seen to growing your blog quickly. I spent over a year studying Internet marketing and psychology and applying it to my blog. While there are no backhanded or otherwise “evil” tips here, many of these tips may be surprising to even top bloggers.

What You’ll Find in Your Copy of Blog Success Manifesto

Just four of the over thirty tips in Blog Success Manifesto

  • Tip #27 (page 54) — Just imagine doubling your daily new blog subscribers by implementing one simple tweak…that takes only 10 minutes! That’s exactly what happened to me. I explain in detail; read the book and implement this tip right away for immediate effect.
  • Tip #13 (page 25) — How do you advertise products you like on your blog without becoming a “marketer”, and without getting snide comments about how you’re “selling out”? I show you exactly how I make hundreds of dollars with a single blog post without alienating readers.
  • Tip #16 (page 30) — How would you like a huge wave of hundreds of new subscribers in a few days — as often as you want? You can be instantly successful with this tactic; the first time I did it, I received a quick 5,000-visitor boost and over 150 new subscribers in just three days!
  • Tip #26 (page 51) — The “secret” asset that even many top bloggers don’t take advantage of, that will light the way to recurring, passive income every month.

The book is a quick read, professionally designed, and well worth your short time investment. If you implement just a few of these tips, you should see your blog become more popular nearly instantly.

Download Instantly!

Download my Blog Success Manifesto instantly.

Please leave a comment on this post once you download your free copy of Blog Success Manifesto and let me know how it has helped you. I am really proud of how this turned out, and I look forward to hearing how it has helped you!

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