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It's official… I'm taking a vacation!

Oh man. I pretty much killed myself at BARCamp last weekend. And by “killed myself” I mean “killed off that pesky immune system.” That’s right; I’m sick. A cold is my body’s way of telling me “SLOW DOWN FOR A MINUTE AND GET SOME SLEEP, WOULDJA?!” I guess sleeping 4 hours Friday night and 6 hours Saturday (and that was a fragmented 6 hours; it was more like 4+1+1) was not enough, despite the fact that I slept most of Sunday to make up for it. I took yesterday almost completely off work as a “recovery day” and I took another half-day off today to take another nap, toss down some Sudafed, and relax a bit.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, vacation!!! Okay, so my silly friend Andrew (yes, Andrew, you are silly!) is a 9-year Burning Man veteran, and he told me such great stories about it that I just had to try it. Why Burning Man? Well, apart from the obvious why-NOT-Burning-Man-as-I-am-one-of-those-crazy-people-who-will-try-almost-anything-once, a lot of my friends have gone and really enjoyed it; I need a vacation; and I really need a vacation where I don’t have to be awakened by my cell phone. Since there are no cell towers in the desert, that problem is solved (thank God.) Brandon & Ben have agreed to hold down the office for a week while I am gone and report back to me with a “Erica, please hire someone with X, Y, and Z skills so we are not running around like crazy people when you decide to take a vacation” post-mortem when I get back.

So Andrew and I went to a Giants game last night, where we watched the Giants stomp the Phillies 5-0 and sat there talking about Burning Man the whole time. I bought my ticket today ($240; craigslist saved me about $18 over the list price!) and found a ride, a tent, and bought some weird/cool/funky clothes (the pics that come out of this are going to be freakin’ hilarious!) I still need to buy more clothes, and get together some “essentials” like dust masks and water before I go.

I am fabulously excited about Burning Man, as I already know it will be completely unlike anything I have ever experienced, and please God let there be some hottie guys there, cuz I need some’o’dat. I’ve put Forex training on hold for a couple of weeks (until I get back) so I can devote my full attention to making sure Burning Man rocks my freakin’ world. This week is already completely crammed full of stuff to do; I have something going on every single night, and conflicting engagements most of those nights! I have become a social butterfly and I am lovin’ every minute of it!

Until next time… I’m preparing to PARTY!!

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