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I heart San Jose!

I decided I wanted a burrito for dinner tonight, so I got on Citysearch to find the best burrito place near my house. Turns out there’s some place called “Burrito Factory” a couple miles away, and it’s rated a 9.1/10, so I decide to try it.

I walk in and order a burrito to go, then sit down at a table. Next to me, two guys are talking animatedly about something. I listen in on the conversation. One of them is talking about hacking a HD-Tivo…something about the serial port…and then complaining bitterly about FreeBSD’s lack of Serial ATA support for whatever chipset he’s using with his SATA card.

But seriously, my favorite overheard geek conversation has to be the following. This happened a few months ago. I am out with a friend at the Country Inn off Saratoga. (Country Inn is like Denny’s, but a bit better and locally-owned.) This place is called “Country Inn”, so I am expecting old people ordering the senior citizen specials, right?

There is a loud argument going on at the next table between two guys. Turns out one of them is a PHP programmer and one of them is a Java programmer. And there is war happening at that table. I hear words like “enterprise” and “beans” and “object-oriented” being bandied about. Still in a heated argument, they pay their bill and leave, not pausing for a second to look up at the rest of the people at the restuarant, who are watching them with mild curiosity and amusement.

I love San Jose.

(Oh, and Burrito Factory was really good. If you’re in the area, check it out. It’s on Camden, in a strip mall, just to the west of Union.)

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