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Review: Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You To Be Rich Boot Camp

I Will Teach You To Be Rich 6 Week Boot Camp
Review: Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Boot Camp.
Have you ever felt like your money was in control of you, instead of the other way around? Do you desperately wish your life wasn’t controlled by credit card payments and bills–and you just need a little help to get turned around?

I’m excited to help my friend Ramit Sethi in his quest to help you take back control of your financial future.

This video explains everything, but the story is also below for you…

My Story

In 2007, I nearly bankrupted my business because I didn’t keep track of my finances. I didn’t hire an accountant or financial planner because I “couldn’t afford it”. Little did I know that my business had far more money going out than coming in.

I always thought the numbers would work themselves out. I was smart; I read a ton of business books every month, and my business was growing like gangbusters. What was there to worry about?

It took our landlord locking us out of the building and me having to lay off most of my 6-person staff for me to hit bottom and realize what a terrible mistake I had made.

My lack of financial planning devastated not only my life, but the lives of others whose families depended on me for their well-being. That day, I made a critical decision: I set in motion a plan to take action and get my business and personal finances straightened out.

I didn’t like what I found. Between my business and personal debt, I owed over $160,000.00 to various creditors. I was sick to my stomach when I finally added it all up.

From $160,000 in Debt to Debt-Free

I am pleased to say I came out of it. Today, I am debt-free and proud of it; I save 55% of my monthly income, and I know exactly what I spend money on every month. I am free to make wise choices because I know what’s important and what matters to me.

In 2008, I ran a personal finance conference in San Francisco. My goal was to show the attendees what had happened to me and to give them the tools they needed to move forward and be successful.

My keynote speaker was Ramit Sethi, owner of the popular I Will Teach You To Be Rich blog. Ramit blew the audience away with tactical tips on how to “negotiate like an Indian”, save money, spend wisely, and invest for retirement.

Ramit is a friend of mine, and he has personally helped me with much of my financial life. Thanks to Ramit, I have a better credit card that pays me more rewards, I am in control of my spending, and I have automated many of my monthly bills so I no longer have to worry about money.

Now, Ramit is taking a select few of you by the hand and guiding you through his personal system to get your financial life on track. In just six short weeks, you will learn how to save for retirement (and start funding a retirement plan), how to earn more (whether you are an entrepreneur or you have a job), and how to save and invest your money wisely so you are in complete control.

Ramit’s 6-week bootcamp will get you out of the joy-fear-guilt cycle…where you spend money and buy something nice (joy!), only to fear the credit card bill, and feel guilty when it arrives.

Is It Worth the Investment?

From the bottom of my heart, I believe it is worth it for you to invest in Ramit’s program and get your financial life back on track. Not only does Ramit guarantee that you will save more than your investment in the program, but it’s a unique opportunity to set your life on the right path.

Your age and income don’t matter. Young or old; struggling to get by or with a ton of money…you’re not alone. If you don’t know what’s going in and coming out of your wallet every month…if you haven’t signed up for a Roth IRA or 401(k) yet…if you have big goals (like buying a house or retiring early) but you’re not sure if you’re on track to meet them…this is your chance to interact personally with one of the gurus of personal finance.

Who Would NOT Benefit from Ramit’s Boot Camp?

My policy is to be totally honest, so: this isn’t for everyone. If you’re already sporting a fully-funded Roth IRA and 401(k), kickin’ it with multiple ING Direct subaccounts for your savings goals, and you’re totally debt-free and on your way with flying colors to early retirement…well, this probably wouldn’t be of much benefit to you.

If, on the other hand, you just read that and said “Yeah, right! Who even does that?” well, then may I humbly suggest — Ramit’s program just might be right for you.

Have the Courage to Invest in Yourself

“But, Erica,” I can hear you saying. “The holidays are coming up. I’m cash-strapped as it is. And this boot camp costs money. There’s just no way I can do this.”

My response: Have the courage to say “Yes.” This is an investment in yourself and your education. (Compared to a college education, it’s a huge bargain!)

Close your eyes and imagine for a minute that, this time next year, you have:

  1. A fully-funded retirement account.
  2. A savings account set aside just for holiday gifts to others, so you can afford to give them gifts without the worry in the back of your head of the mounting bills.
  3. An account set up (with money in it!) for a goal you have in the future — whether that goal is buying a house, taking that vacation you’ve always dreamed of, or starting a new business.

Now compare that to your current reality. Kind of hurts, doesn’t it?

If you desire all of this, but don’t know how to get there…Ramit’s boot camp is for you. No matter how many books you read, it won’t matter. The hundreds of business books I read didn’t save me from having to go into that conference room and lay off most of my staff.

Stop Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Change…

Don’t wait. If you wait, your situation won’t change, and next year at this time, you’ll be no better off financially than where you are today. (And, as I can attest, it doesn’t matter how much income you make…if you spend more than you make, you’re still going to be in the same situation.)

An average college extension course runs $400-$500, and doesn’t even help you save any money. (You also typically have to take 2-3 of them to even accomplish anything!) On the other hand, Ramit’s program is tactical, strategic, and designed to help you take action now. Think about it: if you save just $25/month, you will pay back your investment in his program in just a few months!

Sign up for Ramit’s 6-week boot camp today. It’s a rare chance to interact personally with someone who really knows his stuff when it comes to personal finance. Your investment of $199 is an investment in yourself and your future. Have the courage to say yes to your goals.

For more information or to sign up, click here:

Breakdown of Exactly What’s In Ramit’s Boot Camp

Week 1 – Unearth secret credit card hacks. Find better credit cards and negotiate with your credit card companies. Get perks from free airline flights to free hotel stays with “secret” credit card hacks you aren’t currently using. Get a plan in place to pay off your credit card debt once and for all!

Week 2 – Stick it to the big banks. Negotiate fees and get rid of them with step-by-step scripts. Use the support of Ramit’s community to switch banks if necessary.

Week 3 – Retire early and happy. Why your friends haven’t invested; how to become rich on $100/month; how to legally evade taxes!

Week 4 – Spend guilt-free on the things you love. How to get out of the joy-fear-guilt cycle of debt spending. How to spend money on what you love and cut back on everything else.

Week 5 – Automate your way to freedom. Spend just a few hours a month managing your money, and stop letting it manage you. Special techniques for those who are freelancing, self-employed, or who have irregular income!

Week 6 – Invest like a pro without taking the risks. How to automate your investing so your money works for you. The top ten mistakes people make when investing — are you making one of these? Running the numbers on investment strategies (with Ramit’s help!)

Plus — Guest speakers will be demonstrating personal finance tactics, entrepreneurship, and career paths.

You will also gain exclusive access to a community of like-minded folks who can help you if you’re struggling or support you when you need it. If you have people in your life who aren’t fully supportive of your goals, you’ll find Ramit’s community to be invaluable!

How Others Have Used Ramit’s Tips to Make and Save Money

Jason Demant saved $50,000 in 2 years and is now taking a 1-year vacation…

“The reason I’m writing is to thank you for your help in automating my money, getting my 401K properly allocated, and pushing me to sell my crap to make some cash. Using your step-by-step instructions and advice, my girlfriend and I have been able to save over $50,000 the past couple of years and now, in a couple weeks, we will be quitting our Silicon Valley jobs and traveling around Asia on an extremely extended vacation (1-year minimum)! I’ve been reading your site for a few years now and I’ve never properly thanked you for the help, so I decided it was time. Thank you!”

Josh G has saved $14,000 in a few months…

“I have saved 14k so far since I started May 2008 and I’m on track for 20k by the end of the year!

Fear kept me from automating my savings previously. I had bills and it seems that was all I thought about every month.

Ramit mentioned using ING Direct to create sub accounts. I decided to try the full automated savings because I could do sub accounts for future purposes.”

For more information, or to sign up, click here…

Special — Just for My Readers!

If you sign up through any of the links on my blog (you have to sign up through me to get your exclusive invitation), forward me your receipt to erica@erica.biz and I will invite you to a free 1-hour group conference call where I will answer all of your questions regarding personal finance and entrepreneurship.

Here are some questions you should ask me:

  • What are some great business ideas that I can start right away?
  • Should I start a blog?
  • What’s the best way to make money on the Internet?
  • How should I market my business online?
  • How can I utilize Twitter and Facebook to grow my business?
  • What are the top strategies to get more customers for my business right now?
  • How can I make some extra money if I only have a couple hours of free time a day?
  • How do I make my income more “passive” and stop trading hours for dollars?

Pretty much anything related to personal finance or business is fair game.

This is only when you buy Ramit’s product through my link.

For more information or to sign up, click here.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered by this link, feel free to contact me and I will reply.

I believe in you and want you to achieve your goals. However, I know from experience that you can’t achieve your goals unless you have your finances in order. Give yourself permission and have the courage to invest in yourself, and watch your life change as a result. Sign up for Ramit’s boot camp today!

Note: This program is time-sensitive, so you must sign up by Friday, November 6. If you miss your chance this time, Ramit will offer it again, BUT the price will double…so don’t miss your chance!

Ramit is offering a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days, so if this program somehow isn’t effective for you, you can request a full refund. You really have nothing to lose (and everything to gain, including meeting your financial goals!) by joining.

I do get some money for referring you to Ramit’s program. Ramit is a friend of mine and I have full faith and confidence in his ability to deliver. I look forward to hearing your success story!

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