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How I Gained An Additional $804 Every Month in Passive Income–with Just 30 Minutes of Work

Passive income After you read this post, you may think I’m incredibly stupid.

Either that, or you will think I’m a genius.

Perhaps both.

There’s a valuable piece of online real estate that you’re probably not using to its fullest potential. And even though you may have heard this advice before, I bet you’re still not implementing it.

I didn’t implement this tiny tweak for months, even though I knew about it. (That’s the stupid part.) But once I did, I gained $804/month in passive income.

Here’s my big “Duh” moment, and how you can easily put my stupidity/genius into action and gain some income as well, even if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic. (By the way, I’m not selling anything here. But this tweak–I’m not going to lie–could make you more income than a lot of products you buy for $497 do.)

The Most Valuable Piece of Online Real Estate That You Aren’t Using

Let’s look at the sequence of a typical information product website:

typical sequence: home page to thank you page

On your home page, your web visitors put in their email addresses. Then, of course, they are redirected to your thank you page. Usually, your thank you page just has some text asking the person to click on the link in their email to confirm his/her email address.

So what do your visitors do? They close the window and go check their email.

And you’ve just missed the opportunity to make a quick sale with no effort on your part!

The Stupid Mistake That Cost Me Thousands of Dollars

This is exactly the mistake I was making with my Guest Post Secrets thank you page. Visitors come there who are interested in my product. Either they typed in “guest post” on Google, or they clicked on a banner or link on this blog. Then they opt in, indicating their further interest in my product.

Yet, my thank you page was the typical generic thank you page:

guest post secrets generic thank you page

Knowing I could make an offer for the person to purchase Guest Post Secrets on my thank you page, I put “Redo Guest Post Secrets thank you page” on my to-do list. Then I procrastinated on it for months. There always seemed to be something more important to do.

Finally, last week, I resolved to get that to-do item done! And, with just 30 minutes of work, I had posted my salesletter as my thank-you page, with a one-time discount of $30 off Guest Post Secrets:

guest post secrets new thank you page

(The page then continues into my Guest Post Secrets sales letter.)

Check out the new Guest Post Secrets thank you page to see what I did. (And yes, the $30 discount applies if you’d like to pick up a copy of Guest Post Secrets! It rocks.)

A couple hours after I posted it, Parnell and I were busy working on Whoosh Traffic when a sale notification rolled in. I thought an affiliate had made a sale (Guest Post Secrets is a Clickbank product, so anyone can become an affiliate), but there was no affiliate ID attached.

Shocked, I realized it came in from my thank you page…

The next day, I woke up and lo and behold, there was another sale. And the next day, another.

I went from selling 4-5 copies a month of Guest Post Secrets to 4-5 copies a week.

Based on my calculations of the additional sales I’ll make from just this single tweak, I will pull in an additional $804 of completely passive income every month.

Had I known that, I would have made revamping my thank-you page a huge priority. My mistake is your gain. If you have people opting in for more information, make sure your thank-you page presents a related offer. Making it a one-time deal for a price they can’t always receive, as I did with Guest Post Secrets, is even better…it introduces scarcity and encourages them to buy right away.

Sometimes, the simplest changes to make can also be the most effective. Are you going to change your site based on the data shown here? Let me know in the comments!

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