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Turn Off the Noise and Start Creating

Turn off the noise “God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.”
-The Serenity Prayer

Let’s talk about current events. There’s a lot going on in the news right now. The 99% (aka Occupy Wall Street) movement. A backlash against big corporations, government bailouts, politicians who promise to change things and then don’t do anything, and a lack of jobs in our country.

Listen to the protests, and you will be instantly sucked in. It seems everyone has a side; a story to tell. Now, you must make choices. Are you a “liberal” or a “conservative”? A 99%er, a 53%er, or a 1%er? (No one will own up to the latter.)

I’m here to tell you: Not only does this stuff not matter, but it’s a distraction preventing you from changing the world.

In the rush to label ourselves and prove that we are “different” (or the same as!) others, we’ve forgotten one thing: We all stand here together. And if there are problems with this world–our society–then it’s up to us to go out and fix them.

Oh yes, there were things the government did wrong. And big corporations. I’m not saying to ignore it–I’m saying stop getting caught up in it.

What would happen if, instead of engaging in a debate where no one’s mind gets changed and enemy lines get drawn between your friends and you, you simply opted out?

What if, instead of watching TV and getting furious about those damn liberals or those hopeless conservatives, you spent an hour working on your business?


Let’s talk about the lack of jobs–since that seems to be a sticking point. There are 50,000 monthly readers of this blog. What if half of you went out and said, “Today I am going to make a difference in the world by hiring someone who needs money.” And then you went out and hired someone to mow your lawn. Once. Or clean your house. Just once!

“But Erica, I don’t have the money to do that.” Then I suggest you start by ending your cable TV subscription and selling your TV. That will get you the money to hire someone. And it’s a thousand times better than a handout.

Together, just from you and others reading this post, we could create 25,000 jobs. Oh sure, they’d be temporary jobs. But instead of taking your money and handing it to a big corporation like a cable company, you’d be handing it to a real, live person–your neighbor, or someone who lives in your city. And that person would be eternally grateful for a hand up, instead of a handout.

And who knows how many of those jobs will stick around? Hey, it’d be nice to have a few extra hours a week to work on your business. So hire a babysitter for the kids and do it. Hire a house cleaner. Do you understand how grateful your babysitter or house cleaner will be for that job? Marilyn, our housekeeper, looked at me recently with almost-tears in her eyes, and told Brian and I that she loved us. That she was so grateful to be saved from a terrible desk job where she had a boss who constantly yelled at her.

You and I…we’re better bosses than that. We’re the entrepreneurs. We’re the job creators. And if there are no jobs, we’re the ones who need to step up and make those jobs happen.

So ignore the news. Ignore people posting protest photos on Facebook. Instead of getting sucked in to endless drama, and debating back and forth, go out there and figure out how to create a job instead. Get that fire in your belly. You deserve better. You need to learn how to start that business, not just for you, but for your family and your community.

The world is counting on you. And right now, we need you. We need your help to make America what we want it to be. We need your help to lower the unemployment rate, to help good, deserving people get jobs, and to make this world a better place.

Turn off the noise and start creating.

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