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Only72 Review and Bonus (Proof That I've Gone Completely Insane)

Only72 review Thanskgiving is finally over, and I’m a little sleep-deprived. But I stayed up late because this is important, and I think it may really help you…

I know how hard it is to find someone you trust to show you how to make your first dollar (or first hundred dollars) online. It seems like every person out there selling products on how to make money online is a scammer, or doesn’t actually do what they teach.

Let’s face it: Life probably isn’t easy for you right now. The economy stinks, and money is hard to come by. I know you want to make a part-time or full-time income from the Internet, or you wouldn’t be reading this…but I also know you’re wary. After all, you have only so much hard-earned money to go around. And you want to make sure that whatever you buy–whatever product you invest in–will actually work, and will make you more money than you invested into it.

Furthermore, that product has to have a method of making money online that’s easy to use and implement. It can’t be some weird thing that only the super-geeks would understand. It has to be written for you–someone who’s just getting started.

And it can’t be a gimmick–something that makes money for a couple months and then goes away. You want an income stream that’s steady and consistent (ideally without you having to work on it every day!) Yes! Right?

That’s why, when I recommend a product, I ensure it meets all your needs. You put your trust in me by reading my blog, and in return, I make a solemn promise to only promote products that are going to work for you. I turn down more than 9 out of 10 products people ask me to promote. Yep, even the “hotshots” and the big guys in the field. I probably could make more money pushing every “hot stuff” software that comes out, but I value my relationship with you more than making a quick buck.

So, when an “Internet famous” friend approached me recently to promote a new launch that he was doing–despite the fact that he and I are friends–I took a “wait and see” approach.

Then he showed me the list of all the other “Internet famous” people who were participating. Holy cow…I couldn’t believe the names he mentioned. Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, Naomi Dunford, Laura Roeder, Chris Garrett, David Risley, Charlie Gilkey, Dave Navarro…basically a “who’s who” of people making a living online.

But even the “star power” of all those cool names wasn’t enough to get me to post about it. What made me sit down and spend an hour writing you this post was this…

All the people who have contributed products to this launch are making a part- or full-time income online…legitimately. And what we’re offering you is a unique “inside glimpse” into how our websites and businesses really make money.

Imagine…some of the Internet’s biggest names, showing you their secrets of making it big. Not just one person showing you one way (that may or may not work for you), but twenty-one of the most popular folks online right now showing you how to build the business of your dreams. That’s basically an entire “e-library” of courses on how to take the next step toward making it big online…

Here’s just a quick snapshot of what you’ll get:
Chris Guillebeau (who recently published a book!) is including his “Unconventional Guide to Working For Yourself”. Retailing at $79, it shows you:

  • 8 ways to earn at least $200/month
  • 3 separate ways of selling on eBay (including one that 98% of eBay sellers ignore)
  • How to get paid for things you currently do for free
  • 6 top mistakes of entrepreneurship
  • 4 overrated businesses you should avoid

Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro (not the rocker guy, but the business coach with the same name) are including their “Upsell 101” course. Retailing at $77, you will learn:

  • How Naomi and Dave routinely take a customer’s single purchase and turn it into multiple purchases
  • How to get your customers to buy more from you without you coming off like a slimeball
  • A step-by-step approach to more than doubling what you earn from each customer

You definitely don’t have to be a “blogger” to do what Naomi and Dave teach.

In fact, the first five minutes are an introduction, so even if you’re not sure what an upsell is, you’ll be able to implement them in your business after you’re done listening to this.

Corbett Barr, master of getting more traffic to websites, is offering his “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” course (retail value $77). Corbett’s course will teach you:

  • How to do this “affiliate marketing” thing, without being sleazy
  • How he made $1000 in one day without ever having to create his own product ($1000 in one day! Wow!)
  • Oh yeah…how he made $1000 in one day while only spending 30 minutes on his business that day!

His course includes two complete example affiliate websites, so you can see exactly how to implement what he teaches, as well.

By the way, for my last affiliate promotion, I spent an hour writing an email and netted $2,750.00 in affiliate commissions. What Corbett teaches really works…I’m living proof of that.

These are just three of the twenty-one courses you’ll receive. All of the courses are targeted towards beginners, so even if you’ve never set up a website, you can get started making money today.

Now, the important question: How much is it? After all, the three courses above alone are worth $233, and there are 18 other courses included as well, for a total value of $1,052.00.

If these courses–all of them–were offered at $997.00, well, heck, that would still be a pretty awesome deal. And I’d probably seriously consider it at that price.

But there’s a recession, and life is tough, and we understand that $997.00 is a lot to ask.

So, for just three magical days, all of these awesome folks have banded together and agreed to offer our courses…

For just $97.00.


That’s right. You get Chris Guillebeau’s course, Naomi and Dave’s course, Corbett’s course, courses from Leo Babauta, Charlie Gilkey, Laura Roeder, Nathan Hangen, Johnny B. Truant, David Risley, Danielle LaPorte, Chris Garrett, Lea Woodward, James Chartrand of Men with Pens, Jonathan Mead, Karol Gajda, Ev Bogue, Tammy Strobel, Jade Craven, Colin Wright, and Henri Junttila…ALL for $97.00!

Oh yeah…and my Guest Post Secrets course is included, too, just in case you were procrastinating on investing in that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’re probably all crazy to do this. The good news for us is that we’ll come to our senses in 72 hours. Take advantage of us while we’ve temporarily lost our minds here…


When you invest in this course via my link above, and you forward your receipt to me at erica@erica.biz, I’ll invite you to a special customers-only online workshop where I reveal the secret traffic formula that’s currently gaining me nearly 15,000 visitors a month to my website on autopilot! And I’ll show you how you can do the same thing, step by step. (No geekiness required.)

IMPORTANT: You must click through the link above to purchase–not through anyone else’s blog or email–in order to be eligible to attend my workshop. You’ll be able to attend from your own computer anywhere in the world, and I’ll even record it in case you can’t make it live. This workshop alone will be worth at least $97 to you…not to mention all the other totally amazing stuff you’re getting.

This crazy, blowout sale will be available for 72 hours only. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for being such an awesome person. If you wait, you’ll end up having to pay $1,052.00 for all these courses. This sale ends on Thursday, December 2nd at 10:00AM Eastern time. No exceptions. So pick your deal up now. Invest in your business and take advantage of us before we wake up from our turkey-induced comas!



P.S. Have questions about this? Email me at erica@erica.biz and I’ll respond to you personally. But whatever you do, don’t miss out on this! Once it’s gone, it’s really gone. No exceptions to the 72-hour rule. Here’s that link again; invest now: http://www.erica.biz/go/only72

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