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Is Financial Freedom Your Goal? Bring It One Step Closer…

What do you really want out of life? I’m willing to bet that your goals include a form of “spend more quality time with my family” and “Have more days when I am truly happy.”

We all have goals, dreams, and hopes, but all too often they’re quashed as we join the rat race to make more money, to then spend that money, which means we have to make more money, to spend more money…an infinite treadmill that, judging by many of the statistics I’ve read recently, some of us are never able to get off of.

I don’t want that someone to be you. I don’t want you to look back in 30, 40, or 50 years and say “Where did it all go?” I don’t want you to regret not doing the things that are really important to you — like spending quality time with your family and friends, and traveling — because you were working just so you could pay the bills.

Step Off the Treadmill and Live Your Dreams!

I want you to be able to step off that treadmill, because only then will you truly be able to rock this world. Want to spend 5 days a week working for your favorite cause without concern for how much the job pays? Want to buy a boat and sail across the ocean? Want to actually watch your kids grow up instead of sending them off to daycare? I want you to, as well. But you won’t be able to do any of that if you don’t start planning now for that future.

That’s why I have started a new mission — WealthCamp. WealthCamp is a unique personal finance conference. I have brought together some of the top personal finance speakers and authors and put them together in one room. They will be there to answer your questions and listen to your stories.

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich will be there explaining how to get started saving and investing. Judy Lawrence, who has sold over 400,000 budget books, will teach you how to make a budget. And Fred Ecks, who retired at a young age without winning the lottery, is going to show you how this is all possible and open your eyes to a new way of living.

Why Should You Be There?

Why should you come to WealthCamp? Simple. You have questions about personal finance. You have stories to share. You can learn from the gurus and in turn help others. But above all — you should come to WealthCamp because you understand this:

Financial education earns you financial freedom.

It’s true! If you want to retire early, how much money do you need to do that? Where should you invest? What’s the difference between a 401(k), a Roth IRA, and a traditional IRA? If you don’t know, WealthCamp is your opportunity to find out. And if you do, WealthCamp is your opportunity to share your story and help others.

Don’t Follow The Crowd…

Our economy is at a critical inflection point right now. There are massive amounts of Baby Boomers who wish to retire, but can’t, because they don’t have the money. At the same time, some 90% of 30-39-year-olds are in debt, and 76% of 20-29-year-olds are in debt. Financial education is the key to making sure we can live the life of our dreams. WealthCamp is the first personal finance conference in the world to engage a community of those who want to live their dreams and let you — the community — have a say in the conference.

I am passionate about living my dreams without having to worry about money or personal finances. If you want to learn how to start living and stop the treadmill, join us at WealthCamp on Saturday, May 31 in San Francisco. Use coupon code “friend” to bring your price down to just $50 — a bargain considering all of the excellent advice you will receive and all of the great people you will meet.

You will get a chance to reach out and connect with others who will support you in living the life of your dreams and fulfilling your goals. And you’ll become the first part of what will become a global community of people passionate about using money and investments as a tool to enable their true destinies.

I hope to see you there!

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