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I'm really glad I rent.

A few weeks ago, a friend (G) came out and stayed with me for a few weeks. He was taking a shower one morning and accidentally broke the soap dish in the shower, knocking it off the tile and exposing the wall behind the tile.

What we found was rather disturbing. The entirety of the wall behind the shower was covered in black mold (pic). Not only that, but the soap dish and tile were too (pic). I researched this online and found out that the only way to cure it was to completely remove the shower and reinstall it… a massive undertaking.

My landlord, who lives next door in the other half of the duplex, didn’t look too happy when I told him that. He hired a contractor to come out, who took 60 seconds to peel back the duct tape and say “Oh yeah. That’ll have to be entirely redone.” He also explained that whoever put in the shower (likely the previous owners) glued the tile straight onto the drywall instead of using concrete backer board. Grout lets water through, so over the past few years (my landlord has owned this place since May 2004; I moved here in August 2004 as his first renter) it has gotten progressively worse. Not only that, but the contractor is pretty sure the landlord’s side of the duplex has the same problem.

It’s going to take a week to fix, during which I won’t be able to use the shower. I’ve asked them to schedule it while I’m at Burning Man. I will obviously postpone getting a roommate until after it is fixed. Total cost? I’m guessing between $20,000-$30,000 to fix both sides of the duplex. Even just to fix my side, a conservative estimate would be $10,000, which is nearly 7 months of my rent.

I’m damn glad I don’t own this place.

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