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An Eventful Tuesday.

Wow! A lot of things were checked off the to-do list today. First of all, Valorie called and asked me out to lunch. She is really pregnant and she is due in the next 24 hours! I am so excited for her and Doug. They are having a boy and they’ve decided to name him Cameron. I will post pictures as soon as I have them!

After lunch, I went to look at some office space with Brandon!! If you know me in person, you know that I’ll drag you around to every open house on the block just to look at places. I find real estate fascinating. One of my favorite things is stepping into an empty room and picturing all my stuff in it. (Hey, some people test-drive cars; I enjoy test-driving houses, and the more expensive, the better!)

We checked out two offices. The first one was 1200 square feet (we plan to sublet half of whatever we end up renting in order to subsidize our rent until we’re big enough to occupy all the square footage) and is on the second floor (elevator-accessible). It had one built-out office and the rest of the plan was open space, which the landlord said we could build to suit. The current company (a web design company) has gone out of business and has apparently abandoned the space, so I asked the landlord to tell them we’d just write them one big check for everything they wanted to get rid of. That means we may be able to write a single check for desks, phones, conference tables, chairs, computers, etc. That would certainly save me a lot of cash and a lot of headaches as well.

The second one was 1400 (or so) square feet, next door to the first one, and on the second floor of that building. Neither Brandon or I was as impressed by it, mainly because it was divided really strangely and felt like a maze to get through. They were also asking $1.60/sq.ft. as opposed to $1.26 for the first place. It was a no-brainer to pick the first one.

I came back home from looking at office space and rushed to get the business line paperwork faxed to Wells Fargo. I’ve been approved, but had to sign my life away. (hehe) I also faxed in an application to become a wholesale customer of MA Labs so I can buy PC parts at insanely low prices. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

After that, it was off to IBI (I actually grabbed dinner on the way and ate it at IBI since I knew I would be there late.) When I walked in, I was greeted by “ERICA!!” and lots of hugs. It is so cool to be in a place where everyone knows and loves you! Don was there; Don runs a wi-fi startup company and I love him to death. I showed him my new Treo 650, since he is also a Treo person, and it turns out he has one too! We both jumped up and down and said “YAY!” at each other over our new cell phones. LOL! (Treo addicts unite!)

I ended up staying from 7:15 all the way until 10:30. Kevin and I got some good business talks in, since we’re now partners in a new business (more info coming soon on that.) I got to meet the author of a book I’ve been reading (he’s a friend of another 1004 graduate.) Kevin spoke in front of the crowd and we had a blast picking at him from the peanut gallery. Since almost everyone there was a grad, it was like a bunch of old friends getting back together, and it was honestly one of the best local IBI meetings I have been to.

I am now looking forward to…bed. Ah, I might actually get 8 hours of sleep in tonight. Now that would be a miracle!

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