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Buzz buzz!

Well, it’s 3:15AM and I’m still awake. This is what happens when I drink caffeine. I played 9 songs on DDR just to work up a sweat and hopefully tire myself out, but it didn’t help. I did get a 120 combo on “Blow My Whistle” level 3 (my favorite DDR song), though.

“Blow my whistle, bitch!! Blow it like you mean it!” Haha, one day I was playing that song in my car (it’s on one of my infamous incredibly long and fun dance mix CDs) and willfe said “This is a great song! [long pause as he listens to the lyrics] Holy shit, are they talking about… in that song? I totally didn’t even get that!” I just died laughing. I had to rewind it and play it again for him. I will never forget that day. One of my all-time favorite moments. I imagine you are gettin’ plenty of whistle-blowin’ now! :P!!

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I’ve got someone I would consider a friend (at least an online friend, if nothing else) who just outright refused to tell me his last name. I’m sorry, but that’s just lame. How can I consider you a friend if you don’t even want to give me your last name?

I guess for me it’s a trust issue. If you won’t trust me with your last name, why should I bother telling you anything about me?

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Dear God…

Dear God,

I moved to California for a reason. What is with the under-60-degree temperatures here in San Jose today? Is it too much to ask, that since 45-year-old, 3BR, 1400-square-foot houses right down the street from me routinely sell for nearly $600,000, that we could at least have 72-degree balmy weather year-round? You heard me; it’s not enough to have it 9 months out of the year. I don’t pay ridiculously high prices for everything only to be stuck with 54-degree weather in November, December, and January!

Please fix this outrage immediately. Otherwise, we’ll have to leave it to the elected hippies to enact a law against cold temperatures, and we all know that the legislature here is shockingly ineffectual.

A Concerned California Citizen

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