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Double Your Productivity: Absorb Information Twice as Fast

how to download videos I’ve been noticing a trend lately: We buy or download all this great video content, but then we don’t actually watch it. Does this happen to you, too?

Most information products these days come with at least an hour of video training. And often, it’s fantastic–well worth the time investment. But, realistically, we’ll probably never sit down and actually watch it.

I’ve found a way to fix this–a technique so effective that I’ve now made my way through most video information products I’ve purchased in record time while still absorbing all the information. And, I want to share this with you–because if you can absorb video content faster, you can learn faster, and therefore spend more time on your business instead of watching videos! (more…)

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How To Survey Your Customers for Free Using Google Docs

how to survey free online survey tool. Read this post, and in just 10 minutes, you’ll have created your own survey for your customers or readers! Better yet, you will save hundreds of dollars, as you will likely never pay for an online survey tool again…

It used to be, if you wanted to survey your customers or readers, you would have to pony up some hard-earned dollars for a paid online survey tool. In fact, many of these tools carry a monthly fee, and some don’t easily let you export your data–holding you (and your survey results!) hostage. That is no longer the case. (more…)

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Five Steps to Freedom: How to Outsource Your Repetitive Tasks

How to outsource
Don’t enjoy cleaning your house, cooking,
or mowing your lawn? How to outsource
boring jobs in five easy steps.
If you haven’t outsourced something like cooking or cleaning yet, and you’re still doing boring drudge work in your everyday life, read on. In one week or less, you will free up 10+ hours of your time every week to do what you love! (more…)

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How To Negotiate Your Phone and Cable Bill and Save Thousands of Dollars

negotiate your phone bill
Six easy steps to negotiate your phone bill
and save thousands of dollars.
A few days ago, my phone provider, Vonage, announced it was increasing my rate plan to $17.95/month from my current $14.95/month. $14.95/month was the lowest rate plan on Vonage’s website. The other choice was a $24.95/month “unlimited” plan, which I certainly didn’t need.

It was clear that Vonage was encouraging its customers to upgrade to its $24.95 rate plan for “only eight dollars a month!” I had a better idea. (more…)

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(written by me 6/6/2002 – shared for the first time here on erica.biz)

Do you know that moment when you are programming something that really pushes the limits of the language you’re working in, and you just sit there and wonder, “Is this going to work?” And you draw out 50 possibilities and narrow it down to the one that uses the least amount of code, and suddenly everything just seems to click? You look up and it’s 30 minutes later and all of a sudden you dare to test it and it WORKS.

And it hits you that this minute, this instant, this moment when it all fits together, is why you are a programmer. (more…)

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