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How To Start A Business With No Money

I often receive emails from those of you who want to start businesses with no money. Often, you want to start a business from home to make a little extra cash. It would be nice if it turned into a million-dollar money maker, but it doesn’t have to. Your goal is to explore a passion of yours and make a bit of money on the side…but you have no money to invest.

Typically, two major obstacles come up: time and money. I addressed time previously. Now I’d like to address how to start a business with no money. (more…)

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When Should You Buy Real Estate — And When Is It Better to Rent?

Combing through the questions you — my fabulous readers — ask me, I find one common thread. I write a lot of posts on real estate, but you want fewer esoteric graphs and articles and more common-sense advice. Fair enough. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have an excellent idea of exactly when higher-priced houses will fall in price, and you’ll have an armload of data to assist you in determining when a house is priced correctly — no matter where it is or what its price. (more…)

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Ask Erica: Why Become Rich?

You — my readers — have been asking me some fabulous questions for a while now. Today starts the first in what I expect will be a fairly regular series I’m simply going to call “Ask Erica.” The first question in this series is surely on some of your minds — not about me, but about you. The question is: Why should you decide to become rich? (more…)

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