Liver Flush (Liver Cleanse, Gallbladder Flush): My Experience and Review

liver flush, liver cleanse, gallbladder flush
Does the “amazing liver flush”
really work? My detailed review.
Many of you have been following me on Twitter and requested a full blog post about the effects my liver flush (also known as a liver cleanse or gallbladder flush) had.


For years, I have been suffering from myriad stomach problems — namely gas, bloating, and cramps after eating. After keeping a food journal, I discovered that garlic, onions, red meat, and milk were bothering me the most. Sure, I could use Pepto-Bismol or Lactaid pills, which cured the symptoms, but the only foolproof way to avoid painful cramps was simply to avoid these foods.

Red meat and milk weren’t too bad to cut out, but the garlic and onion problem really bothered me. I enjoy both foods, and garlic in particular is used to flavor a lot of food. If I ordered an entree with garlic, I’d simply pop a couple Pepto pills and suffer, since I liked it so much.

Then, while I was browsing Steve Pavlina’s forum, a few people mentioned that they had done liver flushes. I had never heard of a liver flush, but it immediately jumped out at me as something I needed to learn more about.

After doing some research, I bought the definitive guide on liver flushes: Andreas Moritz’s The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. I read the entire book, gleaning background information on why people choose to cleanse or flush their liver.

Moritz makes some amazing claims in the book, claiming that people have cured everything from lower back pain to acne by doing a flush. The flush apparently can even clear the dark “liver spots” we get on our faces and necks as we get older. Several testimonials in the book shared a radical point of view — that this liver flush can actually prevent most gallbladder removal surgeries. Moritz believes that if we all did liver flushes on a regular basis, we would no longer need the surgery at all. Since 20% of people experience gallbladder problems at some time in their life, this is a pretty big claim!

After reading the book, I was ready to take the challenge. Was this liver flush quack science or did it really have an effect?

I started by making a list of every problem I had that Moritz claimed the liver flush could cure. The list is ordered from problems I thought the liver flush was most likely to cure to problems it probably wouldn’t cure.

  1. Garlic/onion intolerance
  2. “Brain fog”/lack of mental clarity
  3. Inability to eat spicy food, such as peppers (I’m not even able to tolerate green peppers)
  4. Problems eating red meat
  5. Lower back pain
  6. Acne
  7. Poor circulation in my extremities

The actual flush

The actual flush consists of a week of drinking extra apple juice at certain times of the day, followed by a colonic (which you have to schedule with a local clinic), then an overnight fast and drinking a strange concoction. Finally, you drink some laxatives and go to the bathroom.

Cautionary note: I will be purposefully vague about the actual procedure in order to discourage you from doing a liver flush simply after reading this blog. There are a LOT of nuances, allergies, and a strict time schedule you should adhere to. Several pages in the book go through what ingredients you need, as well as what specific times you need to perform each function. The liver flush can fail on timing if you’re off by as little as 10-15 minutes in certain cases. If you plan to do the liver flush, buy the book FIRST! It’s a small investment in your good health.

One more quick note: There are “liver flush recipes” online. You can read them, but there are many nuances that are NOT mentioned online (I looked closely, yet I had an issue that would not have been resolved had I only looked online.) Use the book as your manual and the Internet as a supplement to the book.

The first 6 days

During the first 6 days, I drank the apple juice as recommended. Due to my sensitive stomach, however, it caused me bloating and discomfort. I opted after a couple of days to instead dissolve some malic acid powder in apple juice. I cut the apple juice amount in half (2 glasses instead of 4), opened 1x800mg malic acid capsule, and dumped its contents into each glass. This works fine, so if you have a weak stomach and can’t deal with the apple juice’s laxative effect, do that.

On day 6, I had a colonic at a local clinic. This was my first-ever colonic, and it was definitely a strange experience! Two colonics are required during the liver flush; I strongly recommend you do them instead of taking an enema. After having two of them, I can attest they get far more out of your system than an enema will, and they are not painful — just weird.

Day 7 — The fateful day!

On day 7, I followed the instructions in the book exactly, except that since I go to sleep at midnight, I did each step exactly 2 hours later than the times he recommended in the book. Just before I was ready for bed, I drank what may the worst thing I’ve ever tasted — the “flush tonic” of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and extra virgin olive oil. It was kind of like drinking earwax, or maybe armpit sweat. I managed to get the whole thing down in record time, and appreciated the advice of having honey readily available to suck on after each mouthful. One word of caution: the oil will get on your lips and feel strange; resist the temptation to lick your lips! It brings the awful taste back. Just keep a napkin nearby instead.

I laid down immediately, but since I wasn’t really tired, I listened to the clearing audio instead. (I love that audio track — it has gotten me through a lot of rough nights when I couldn’t sleep!)

One of the things the book described that I was highly skeptical of was that when you lie down after drinking the tonic, you may be able to actually feel the stones moving around in your gut. Sure enough, I put my hand lightly on my liver and felt something fluttering down there. It’s really hard to explain, but it felt like something was opening and closing inside me. Then I felt several stones moving around my body and toward their eventual exit.

That was the moment when I knew it was going to work, and I was positively triumphant! All of the apple juice and the tonic were worth it; something was going to come out of me in the morning! I went to sleep.

I got up early in the morning, excited! As soon as I got out of bed, though, I felt like a freight train had hit me. The book had mentioned “detox symptoms” might hit after drinking the liver flush concoction, but I wasn’t expecting this. I hadn’t felt so sick since I had scarlet fever as a kid. I was running a fever, shivering, and cold sweat was running down my entire body. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get warm. I normally don’t sweat a lot, so this was unreal. Nevertheless, I knew I had to continue, so I drank my magnesium citrate and a few glasses of water, and went back to bed. I thought I was going to be sick, but some deep breathing and meditation helped me hold it all in.

Two hours later, I woke up again to take the final laxative and wait. I tried to do some work, but I wasn’t feeling that great, and ended up aimlessly surfing the Web for a few hours. I drank some more apple juice and ate some fruit, as the book suggested, but my stomach was cranky and didn’t really want any food.

The actual stones

Finally, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom! I ended up going a total of 5 times over the next few hours. I looked forward to it, since every time I went, I felt better. I counted the stones I could see, and I ended up passing a total of 65 stones!

The stones are bright green and easy to spot in the toilet. Most of mine were about the size of Nerds candy. Some were even smaller — just tiny specks of green. The two largest ones were the size of a pea and a raisin. I was blown away! By the afternoon, I was ravenously hungry, and ate a lot of bland food and fruit. By dinner, I was eating normally, except I went light on the meat.

Throughout the entire day after the flush, I felt the best I had ever felt in my life. Even though I weighed myself periodically during the flush and did not lose or gain any weight during the week, I felt lighter. In fact, I felt amazing! I was putting together ideas much more quickly than normal, and I needed less sleep. It was completely worth the tonic and the few hours of feeling feverish.

After the flush — Did it cure my food intolerances?

As the book recommended, I had another colonic two days after the flush. I was hoping to spot more stones, but there weren’t any. I had gotten them out!

As a test, I decided to eat something that before would have had me on the floor in agony — a bagel coated in garlic. I bought some garlic spread (it’s basically just garlic suspended in a light canola oil) and smeared enough on the bagel that my boyfriend nearly gagged on the smell when I toasted it. I then ate this…aromatic…concoction with him looking on in disbelief.

I am shocked to say that I had no ill side effects when I ate it! In fact, besides garlic breath (which I had forgotten about, since it had been so long since I had eaten that much garlic!), I felt fine!

This is the result I was hoping for, but not one I could bring myself to expect. Yet there it is — my garlic and onion allergies, totally cured!

As for the rest of the list? The most obvious side effects were the complete reversal of my garlic/onion symptoms, and the clearing of my mental fog. (Trust me — even if you don’t think you have mental fog, you do!) I also was able to eat peppers somewhat more easily. Certainly, I adjusted to green peppers quite well, although red peppers still bothered me.

I can’t say my acne has really disappeared. My massage therapist says my lower back needs less massage work now, but I don’t feel a day-to-day difference. My feet and hands still get cold. I tested eating a pastrami sandwich and some pork, and they still made me feel exhausted, so I doubt I’ll go back to eating red meat. Milk still makes me gassy, but fortunately I have Lactaid pills for that. I do feel like I have a higher tolerance for dairy, however.

The bad news

One of the things mentioned in the book is that, after doing the flush, you’ll know it worked if your original symptoms reappear within a few days. The reason is that the flush gets all the stones in the front of your liver out, but within 3 days to 2 weeks, stones from the back move toward the front, and your problems come back.

Not to worry — the solution is simply to wait a month and do another cleanse. You’ll know you are done when two consecutive cleanses don’t flush out any stones. For most people, this is after 8-12 flushes. Moritz then recommends a “maintenance cycle” of 1-2 flushes a year.

I am sad to report that already, my garlic and onion sensitivities are back. It took about 6 days for them to come back. The good news is that I can eat more garlic than I was previously able to. This means my liver is making more bile than it was able to previously. I plan to continue doing the flushes every month as suggested in the book.


I do believe that I will again get to the point where I can eat garlic and onions without having to take Pepto-Bismol. That is a radical change! Currently, I know of no modern doctor who would have been able to solve this problem for me. After doing this, I have two opinions:

  1. There are alternative cures that work as well or better than modern medicine in certain cases. The liver flush is an amazing tool, used correctly. I encourage you to try it if you have developed food “allergies” or intolerances. It may or may not fix your problem, but it will surely make you healthier.
  2. Our typical American diet has unintended consequences. Moritz is a strict vegan and mentions in the book that he does the maintenance flushes once a year, but nothing ever comes out. The stones are typically made of cholesterol and fat — two things that people in our culture eat quite commonly, but that our digestive systems aren’t able to process well. If we all ate better, we might not ever need a liver flush. But since we don’t typically feed our bodies easily-processed food, periodic liver flushes are essential.

After seeing these results for myself, I have to say Moritz’s claims have a lot more credibility in my eyes. Imagine a world with no expensive gallbladder removal surgeries and fewer digestive issues. What a remarkable change! I would hope that more doctors would get on board with this simple preventative program.

Do we all have stones? If you live in a society technologically advanced enough to read this blog post, I’d say it’s likely that you do. The only way to know is to try the flush yourself. In my opinion, it’s something we all should do. I’m a big fan of preventative maintenance now instead of emergency surgery later.

Have you tried a liver flush, or do you plan to? Leave your comments here! If you write a post or review about your liver cleanse experiences, I’m happy to link to it.

Recommended Reading:

  • Beatrice M

    Hi there,

    In April of this year, I found that I had gallstones via an ultrasound looking for non existent kidney stones. My brother forwarded me information on the gall bladder flush and I was all excited to try it, but I looked at research online and found that studies found that the “stones” you pass aren’t really stones, but are the oil that you drink. Did you have an ultrasound done before to verify that you have stones and will you have another one done to see if you have fewer? That would be a very interesting thing to see.

    • Diane Q

      After having done eight of Dr. Moritz’s liver/gall bladder cleanses, I can attest to the authenticity of many of his claims. Suffering from acid reflux and systemic candida overgrowth that had escalated to the point where at age 63 I had acne on my face and thick thrush on my tongue, the cleanse has been a lifesaver. I did exactly as stated in this blog and my face cleared up after the first cleanse. I did one a month for the next four months, then every other month thereafter over a year.

      Real stones came pouring out of me lightly during cleanse 1 and 2. But during cleanses 3 and 4, I passed at least eight stones the size of mini meatballs and about the same consistency. All without any pain.

      I did not suffer any side affects during the cleanse because I had already undergone a detoxing program.

      The secret is you must follow the book EXACTLY! Any deviation will alter your success. Instead of juice, I used the malic acid capsules which worked just as well for me as the powder and are much easier to take during the six day prep. Friends use unsweetened cranberry juice that works the same way as apple juice.

      This cleanse WORKS and is well worth the money investment to buy the book.

  • Douglas Webb

    According to the book, there are two types of ‘stones’: the calcified stones that show up in ultrasounds, usually in the gallbladder, and non-calcified stones that don’t show up in ultrasounds because they’re soft; these are found in the liver. The calcified stones are white, while the non-calcified stones are green. The book says that the green stones are detectable with some imaging tests, but they’re very faint because they’re almost the same consistency as the liver, so they normally go unnoticed. If a doctor has ever said that your bile ducts appear dilated, it’s probably because there are unseen soft gallstones blocking them.

    The website you link to sounds convincing, but if their theory was true, you’d always get roughly the same amount and type of stones every time you do a flush. Apparently that’s not what happens; you get fewer stones each time, and eventually get none. (I haven’t started my first flush yet, so I can’t say from experience if this is the case.) People apparently also report eliminating both calcified and non-calcified stones, and the theory doesn’t account for that. It also doesn’t account for the improved health that is reported after doing the flush, nor the way it lasts longer each time, in correlation with the decreasing number of stones from each flush.

    Who knows… maybe the olive oil and lemon juice does form into balls, and those balls sweep through the liver’s bile ducts to clean it, similar to the way fiber helps to clean out your colon. Maybe they account for some of the green stones that come out, and maybe not. The book doesn’t claim to describe how the flush works (at least not the portion I’ve read so far), it just describes the effects.

  • Charles J Gervasi

    I feel so fortunate that despite my American diet, high in Mountain Dew and cookies, I still have no health problems. Your post is inspiring me to improve before health problems begin.

  • ericabiz

    Hi Beatrice,

    Douglas is right. The book does address the Internet claims that these are “soap stones”. The claims surely don’t explain what I felt going on with my liver or how my food intolerances disappeared (then came back — as the book suggested they would.)

    The only way for you to feel comfortable with the flush is to try doing it yourself. I recommend it — especially if you’ve been diagnosed with gallstones.


  • Margaret

    Unfortunately, this has made me lose respect for you. Critical thinking and analysis are of utmost importance in our society and the lack thereof is the cause of most of the messes, (and I meant that to be plural), that we are in these days. Seriously, how could you buy into such quackery and much worse, why would you promote this practice which could seriously do medical harm and possibly even cause death in someone who needs surgery for gallstones and tries to self-medicate.

    Please arm yourself with information that is BACKED by SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE before promoting it in your blog. And, in case your next blog will be about ‘the apparition you saw in your hallway last night’ I suggest that you check out the following sites:

    A dose of reason and logic are the only tonic I need to take to stay healthy.

    • Shalom

      There are more dangerous things on TV and the web coming out of Corporate America than this “quack” remedy, say, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, cigarettes, etc. But America manages to franchise that all around the world. So what’s the harm with this niche home remedy? It certainly, critically thinking, cannot harm as many people as cigarette smoking or McDonald’s can.

      You are allowed your critical thinking but not to insult the general public that we are incapable of making our own informed choices.

    • Dorian Cramer Lord

      Margaret is just a closed minded twat… simple. That’s all.

  • Cath Lawson

    Hi Erica – This is interesting. I was amazed when you tweeted about all the stones you’d passed.

    I have developed intolerances to a few foods – especially milk and other dairy products.

    I’ve detoxed before, following Carole Vorderman’s book and it did me the world of good. But I only mananged it for a week. I don’t know how she does it for a month.

    But I’ve never had a liver flush, or a colonic irrigation. I think I might give it a try though. The one thing that puts me off is when you describe how sick you feel. When I was reading it, I began to feel sick and dizzy myself, so I don’t know how I’d feel actually doing it.

    Re- what Margaret says – it’s true, there is some risk with a liver flush – especially if a stone gets stuck. But surgery is risky too & plenty people die when they’re having operations. I’ve had a few ops and I would have to be absolutely desperate before I had another.

    If I try it, I’ll let you know how I get on.

  • Rined

    Hi Erica,

    I think its great that you have decided to take your health into your own hands.

    I have personally done the liver flush over 15 times now in the past year and a half. The first 10 or so flushes I did using Hulda Clarks’ regimen, and it wasn’t until around May of this year that I purchased Andreas Moritz book, and followed his way of flushing.

    However the most stones I ever removed in one flush was only about a month ago which was probably flush 14. I had drank Apple Cider Vinegar instead of apple juice, and also used Phosfood Liquid to also help dissolve and soften the stones, then on the day of the cleanse right before I drank the olive oil/grapefruit juice concoction, I performed a coffee enema, to help further dilate the liver/bile ducts. To my amazement, the next day I released roughly 200 or more stones with around 50 or so roughly the size of a macadamia nut and about 5-10 the size of a peanut in its shell.

    I couldn’t believe how many I had released since the previous 2 or 3 cleanses before this I had only 20-30 very small stones, so I was under the impression my liver was almost stone free, but it didn’t add up because I still had my symptoms return a week after the flush. Andreas Moritz talks about these cases in his book where he says that you have two major bile duct networks and the larger, more blocked bile duct will open and release its stones once the smaller, lesser blocked bile duct has been unblocked.

    I am going to perform another liver flush tomorrow with a few alterations to my regimen 😉 I will post my results in a couple of days.

    And to Margaret. It is because of people like you that some many other people in “Westernized” countries die of illnesses. You don’t believe in natural healing, only scientific ways of dealing with health. Let me ask you a question. With all the technologically advanced equipment and scientific evidence regarding medicines, why is it that the number of people that live in these “free” countries, continue to die from cancers, and other illnesses?
    And why would you assume that removing a vital organ from the body using surgery (as you suggest) would solve this problem. If you knew anything about gallstones, you would know that the majority of them are formed in the liver and pushed to the gallbladder. So are you still sure that gallbladder removal is the best option.

    • Pascal

      Hello Rined,
      I am an Dutch speaking Belgian guy (32years), and as there is much less to find about this subject on Dutch websites, I am forced to come and have a look on the American ones.
      I have several chronic symptoms since 2 years, due to high protein diet + enormously stressful life… After having visited several doctors (that gave me chemical medicines which made me feel even worse because my liver was blocked) I read the book of Moitz’s Liver cleanse…
      Suddenly all the things that I had been suffering from were explained in 1 book!

      So I did the lever cleans 3 times right now:

      cleanse 1: only 10 or 15 stones the size of a large pee
      cleanse 2: about 150 stones of which largely 40 the size of a macademia nut and 5 yhe size of a peanut in its shell.
      cleanse 3: 6or7 “peas” after the first glass of water/epsom salt… afterwards NOTHING !!

      After the second cleanse, my symptoms disappeared and I felt GREAT… some 10 days later they came back… that is when I understood that the major bile duct got blocked again… so I hoped that this time, it would reopen, but I had very poor results just like the first cleanse..

      Do you know what is going ? I am almost sure that the stones in my liver are still there in a huge amount, but why did the stones did not come out this third time ?


    • Pascal

      Hello Rined,
      I am an Dutch speaking Belgian guy (32years), and as there is much less to find about this subject on Dutch websites, I am forced to come and have a look on the American ones.
      I have several chronic symptoms since 2 years, due to high protein diet + enormously stressful life… After having visited several doctors (that gave me chemical medicines which made me feel even worse because my liver was blocked) I read the book of Moitz’s Liver cleanse…
      Suddenly all the things that I had been suffering from were explained in 1 book!

      So I did the lever cleans 3 times right now:

      cleanse 1: only 10 or 15 stones the size of a large pee
      cleanse 2: about 150 stones of which largely 40 the size of a macademia nut and 5 yhe size of a peanut in its shell.
      cleanse 3: 6or7 “peas” after the first glass of water/epsom salt… afterwards NOTHING !!

      After the second cleanse, my symptoms disappeared and I felt GREAT… some 10 days later they came back… that is when I understood that the major bile duct got blocked again… so I hoped that this time, it would reopen, but I had very poor results just like the first cleanse..

      Do you know what is going ? I am almost sure that the stones in my liver are still there in a huge amount, but why did the stones did not come out this third time ?


    • Shalom

      In Eastern medicine it’s all about returning the body to balance and to achieve this is to have properties,mostly derived from food, work in synergy. The relatively young Western idea of medicine, or what makes it exclusively Western, is based purely on physical anatomy (slice, chop, cut, remove) and chemistry (the origins to treat bacteria and virus). Science is never complete in itself but is instead an evolution of collective knowledge in progress. What people like Margaret call “scientific” merely means mainstream and mainstream becomes mainstream in a Western world when money can be made from it by parties with vested interests.

      Once upon a time prescribing antibiotics was the cure-all; and now we have the SuperBug which we have yet created an antibiotic to “kill” it. Where’s the Science now?

  • Sonya

    Hubby has been having problems for 2 years. Dr’s want to take out his healthy gallbladder because he has some stone’s… we changed our diet and he remained symptom free for 2 years. For what ever reason, he began having problems a few weeks ago and ended up in ER…. Dr’s there wanted to keep him for surgery in the morning… We asked a few questions… one asking about his white blood count, how did the bladder look… everything was fine except he had some stone’s in the GB. So we opted to go home and research more…

    We did much reading and decided to try The Liver Gallbladder cleanse – Liver flush by Dr. Hulda Clark. I decided that I would do the cleanse with my husband (after all, he went through child birth twice with me)… We followed the instructions to the “T”… I was really surprised at the green stone’s that I released… and I don’t even have my GB, it was taken out right after having my first child. Hubby’s have been small and fewer but definately saw green stone’s… We felt so good after the cleanse. Do your homework and decide for yourself..
    SE Michigan

  • Margaret

    Thanks Sonya! “I don’t even have my GB…” well, of course you don’t! More PROOF that you are NOT passing stones! The cleanse tonic creates a chemical reaction that bonds and forms balls that you then pass when you defecate!

  • bumblebee

    “well, of course you don’t! More PROOF that you are NOT passing stones!”

    Well, according to their claims, soft gallstones can form in the liver. Therefore, even without a gallbladder, you could still get these.

    • Shalom

      I was thinking the same thing too!

  • Vicki

    For 25 years I have decided to take charge of my own good health. I chose a brand that is based on balance in the body, and the best of what science and nature give us (naturally). What attracted me was the idea of bringing the my body processes in balance so that each operated like it should.. that to me is powerful.. organs doing their job the way they were intended to do. And if I can do it with natural products that give me side benefits instead of drugs that result in side effects, all the better. I applaud you for addressing your health concerns and thank you for sharing.

  • Cal

    Chances are a majority of the stones passed (in the toilet) are most likely a mixture of both “oil and malic acid” from the liver flush drink which bonded together to form these globules that most of us are calling gallstones. However, I do believe that some of the smaller stone-like objects are in fact gallstones and/or balls of fat created by cholesterol intake which may have been formed within the liver itself over the years. Since everyone’s body is different, it’s difficult to say if one person’s liver is functioning the same way as another’s so who’s to say which it is. What I do know is if it makes people feel better and relieves their ailments, then it’s all good.

  • Lori

    Margaret, I agree with you. I just found this website a few days ago, and it seemed based on logic and critical thinking. I hope this is just a blind spot, and the financial and business advice is more grounded.

  • Lori

    Further reading:

    Also, I would be interested to know how much this endeavor cost, all told.

  • Sheila

    Very detailed review Erica. It’s refreshing to read it as I have a site with resources on gallbladder and I recommend doing a gallbladder flush as well.

    I meet a lot of people this way and sometimes there are certain voices that make me question what I do. Or at least this is what happened at first. Now I’ve learned to accept that there will always be people that will not accept your cause. And it is a normal fact of life.

    All that I know is that there are people that have had success with it. And yes, there are others who have not. My role is to provide the information, the same way you did. And everyone can make their on choice on what to do next.


  • Melissa

    Erica, I just found your website and this article caught my eye because I recently went to the emergency room with severe pain that was diagnosed as gallstones (found on an ultrasound). My chiropractor recommended a liver/gallbladder cleanse similar to the one you described with apple juice, epsom salts, olive oil and lemon juice. The cleanse was not fun, but many stones came out and I feel much better now. My bloating and food intolerences have diminished, and the pain is gone. If anyone doubts that the small green globules are actually “stones”, I can attest that they are. Using a sterile rubber glove I examined a few, and found them to be very hard, as hard as a stone, and I doubt that would happen overnight to the olive oil mixture. The flush saved me from expensive and painful gallbladder surgery, and in the end that is all that matters.

    • Roy

      Hi Melissa,

      I am wrtting this from China. I am a 57 year old male Computer System Ananlyst. You can imagine sitting behind the computer all day gives a lot of problem to my digestive system.
      I did a sonagram 1one week ago and found one single stone in my gallbladder (16mm * 11mm). I was told by my Doctor to have it removed.
      But I would rather keep my gallbladder cause I love Chinese food(specailly BBQ Peking Duck)…
      Please tell me if you have had another confirmationsonagram done after the flusf.
      I am dying to konw. I still want to ” have my BBQ Peking Duck….and eat it.


  • Tia

    I just finished the liver-gallbladder flush. I didn’t feel too good yesterday during the flush and vomited at 3:30 a.m. before the stones started passing (total of about 100). However, I feel pretty darn good today, actually very good. In about a month (going to do the flush again in two weeks), I’m going to go back to the doctor and get my cholesterol and liver enzymes tested again, which will be the true test of success for me, if these tests come back normal. My cholesterol was 308 last week and I’ve had elevated liver enzymes on three blood tests. If these tests come back normal, you won’t be able to tell me a darn thing about how good the flush is. I hope my experiment works.

  • SuperCow

    @Tia, please keep us updated with your results.

  • Carrie

    I have gallstones but also had a hyda scan showing 15% efraction rate. Will doing this flush work for me? Anyone with advice, I would appreciate it.

    • Chris

      carrie, did you ever get any replies re. this.
      I have the same question ( same problem )
      since this was posted in 2009, I was wondering, how are you doing in 2011?
      Did you ever do the flush

  • Christy

    People, the stone content is irrelevant. Listen to what people are saying about the effects of the flush, they have an improvement in their health and relief from their symptoms. Dont get caught up in a debate that is irrelevant.

    • http://00000000000 sedat seals

      Man a million people should have said this already and im happy you did!

  • Heidi

    I did the cleanse last weekend with great success- over 200 stones ranging in size from a pea down to the size of a pinhead. I had my gall bladder removed three years ago and have had major health issues ever since- I appearantly have what the Drs. refer to as dumping syndrome which strikes 2-3% of people who have their gallbladders removed- basicly I have 5 -7 bouts of diarhea a week and have also been advised to have colonoscopies on a regular basis as I am at an increased risk for developing bowel cancer now- This was all information not shared by the medical professionals prior to the surgery dispit my asking about the risks. Over the past two years my allergies have worsened and new ones have developed. After the cleanse for the first three days I felt great- my full body rash cleared up and some of my food intolerences also improved. Sadly they are slowly returning but I can’t wait to repeat the cleanse as I felt so much better right after and for the first time in over three years. As to the skeptics-modern medicine in many cases does more harm than good- when a Dr. tells you that you do not need a certain body part- ie gallbladder I suggest you get a written guarantee from them because life can be hell with out it. They- Drs.- may think they know it all but they don’t! The human body is an amazing thing and just because we continue to live with out our removed body parts does not mean we do not need them!

  • jason

    erica, thanks for talking about this important and “controversial” topic! i am on cleanse #11 and i’m sure i wouldn’t have continued this far if i wasn’t pretty confident about the results. believe me, i have gone back and forth with it, but on this last time around there was the BIGGEST stone ever, and now there is no doubt in my mind the flush is really working.

  • Teresa Weesa

    hi all- i did this flush a few mos ago and i also felt much better after. One thing I did differently was bought a chinese herbal tincture called “Gold Coin Grass” and took about a TB each morning 30 min before breakfast for about a week or 2 before the flush. GCG softens and crushes the stones to help them pass easier. I’ve read you can use the GCG instead of apple juice altho I used them both and got excellent results. Make sure to get the GCG with the alcohol instead of water as it gets in your system much faster. They also say if you use GCG for a long period like a year. it will eliminate the stones slowly over time. I havent tried taking it for that lomg but i believe it and this is why. Last week I started taking the tincture again and trying to eat more lightly- less meats and more veggies, soups, etc. I started feeling flu like symptoms 2-3 days ago and today I actually found a pea sized crushed gallstone in my stool when wiping. And no olive oil or lemons were even used but looks the same as when i did the flush.Furthermore the stool has been a green color the last few days and they say that happens when ur liver gets rid of the bile sludge that is blocking your biliary ducts, etc. sorry for the gruesome details but i feel its very important. I still feel a little icky but starting to feel better and im sure its because of the toxins kicked around by the GCG. By the way GCG is sorta hard to find. Good luck to all and best wishes for good health!

  • ashley

    I just did this, the apple juice, epsom salts, olive oil, grapefruit and lemon, the whole bit as is talked about a million places online. I saw maybe two or three tiny stones. And now my side (my gallbladder) has been spazzing out with razor sharp pain for over 24 hours. Probably because I taunted it with 1/2 cup of olive oil on an empty stomach.

    I’m definitely hugely skeptical now about if this whole cleanse thing has any validity, especially since most people who have done it seem to be doing it as a preventative measure, like you, and weren’t already experiencing pain. All I know is now I have to go to the doctor, and they’ll probably want to take out my gallbladder which I don’t want (and not just because I don’t have the money for the procedure).

    I’m 23 and fairly normal, not an obese 50 year old. So, this sucks.

    Anyway, just wanted to testify my experience that this might all just be a literal load of crap.

  • Sharon

    Hi… You might have a candida problem.. I used to be intolerant to garlic onions and pork and chicken. After the candida diet n process I can take pork chicken and at least 10 garlic pills with triple garlic content daily. Do go for a checkup.. Cause I’ve been suffering from the same symptoms as Uve mentioned in your article for the past 3 years until I found this problem.. Well anyway, I hope you are permanently able to cure your problem eventually.


  • Pamela

    I’ve got both of Moritz’ books on Liver and Gallbladder cleansing and I can’t wait to get stuck into it but I can’t help but feeling quite nervous about it.

    I’ve read the entire thread and despite the sceptics I am absolutely sure that this is the right way to go about removing liver and gallbladder stones. I have completely lost faith in Allopathic medicine after my daughter got Candida after using antibiotics at the age of 2. No doctor (and we took her to many) could tell us what was wrong with her. In fact, they were completely confounded. We saw several phediatrics (and God were they expensive) and the best advice they had for us was to giver her laxatives! Sure, Allopathic medicine has saved many lives but for the most part it is so backwards it’s scary!

    I believe there is just no substitute for knowledge. If you’re going to do this cleanse read Moritz’ books from cover to end before you attempt it. And if you’re nervous (like me) make sure you’re supervised by a Chinese doctor or a Naturapath.

    As for Ashley’s case I came across this information read the entire page it talks about gallbladder ‘attacks’ which happens when large stones get trapped and what to do if that happens.

    I’m excited to hear about everyone who has benefited greatly from doing this flush – to reiterate – can’t wait to do it myself!

  • Cathleen

    No matter what anyone says, I strongly believe that we should try to resolve our health issues naturally before resorting to expensive and extreme methods that make other people rich.

    I am grateful for these forums, which allow readers to tap into others’ experiences. I have been diagnosed with gallstones — this after suffering for a year with digestive issues, heartburn and acid reflux. I did a more simple flush a couple of weeks ago — apple juice to soften the stones, then epsom salts and olive oil/lemon juice. I passed at least 60 stones, the largest about the size of a dime. I felt different for a few days but soon had more gallbladder pain. However, I am not too discouraged because I have read by so many who have done successful flushes and felt subsequent relief of their symptoms that multiple flushes are required. I am now taking Gold Coin Grass to help crush the stones and will attempt my second flush in a couple of weeks.

    I am met with so much opposition from people who just can’t understand why I would want to try this instead of “simple” surgery. But the way I see it is, this problem (gallstones) didn’t happen overnight and I shouldn’t expect it to be cured overnight either — though that would be great! And there is no guarantee that I will not get stones even after my GB was removed, since they can also form in the liver. Also, surgery is final — once my GB is gone, it’s gone. If there are any complications from surgery, they would be mine to bear, not the doctor’s. So I am taking charge and trying to do what is best for my body. God gave me this GB for a reason and I intend to try to save it if at all possible!

    Thanks, everyone, for all the input.

    • Shauna Scarborough

      Hi Cathleen!
      I was wondering if you have had more complications with your GB since the cleanse.. or any further scans to see if the stones are still there. I too have gallstones and am facing the decision of surgery. Society says.. take it out.. I agree with you.. God put it there for a reason. I had a bad bad attack the other night and there are more stones no than last time it was bad 2 years ago. So.. I am just wondering if these cleanses really get rid of the stones, or if it’s just the buildup up cholesterol and such that I hear about. I bought “Gallbladder Complete” just before I had my most recent attack (which hasn’t arrived yet, and is all natural as well), and now after reading all this.. really really want to do a cleanse.. but I have an appt. scheduled with a surgeon in 7 days!! :-(
      Anyway.. would love to hear how you are now in regards to your stones.

  • Delmer Bundschuh

    Hey, I was wondering if some of you has a hystory or tryed this “miracle thing”. They make some wild claims and I don’t know what to believe about it, I’ve seen the interviews and i can say i’m a bit curious. Can anyone tell if they had an experience with this “miracle soultion” they call MMS? I found it on this website but seems there is an entire culture around it.

    I find myself in need, i’m a bit ill and my mother has cancer so i am willing to try anything that could treat this ilness. I would really appreciate your oppinions.

    • LDadey1901

      Jim Humble has a book on it. He started curing people with MMS. I have read many great stories on this. Go to his website. Just type in his name. There is also a book called “The man who cures Cancer” and A Fantastic Book called “The Gerson Therapy” Max Gerson was curing it in the 40’s. His daughter Charlotte Gerson who is now almost 90 and still giving lectures has a clinic in Mexico called The Gerson Clinic and people go there with death sentences from Cancer and get cured. Google it. Cancer is a multibillion dollar business and they dont want people cured so if you mention anything natural such as apricot seeds that kills it then you can be arrested by claiming anything natural kills cancer. Get your mom on a good vegatable, fruil diet. No sugar, no processed foods!! The Gerson Therapy is all natural plant based diet. Carrots and Apples are juiced and drank up to 12 times a day to get the immune system built up. Yes, I believe Cancer can be stopped or cured by changing the diet!!..Also, “Cancer Step outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger and his website. Go right now to must watch. and watch the video that you will see on the main page. You will totally understand why they dont want Cancer cured. Its all about the money. Chemo and Radiation are poison as well.

  • Chicky Girl

    I really must take issue with your statement that “The liver flush can fail on timing if you’re off by as little as 10-15 minutes in certain cases. If you plan to do the liver flush, buy the book FIRST! It’s a small investment in your good health.”

    I’ve done various versions of the liver flush, including versions without any epsom salts or any laxatives at all. I’ve been real loose with the timing. I’ve eaten shortly (3 hours) before the actual oil + citrus drinking. I didn’t stay in bed any more than an hour after drinking the mixture.

    Still, I discharged some genuine stones. Little roundish gray things as well as some clumps of waxy yellow green stuff.

    Andreas Moritz frightens people half to death with his mighty instructions. This is not right. Downing 4 ounces of oil is hard enough on your body without adding fear to the mix.

    Moritz’ book is excellent for its general info, but no way do you need to get neurotic and persnickety like he does. Try some other flushes and better still, devise your own. There’s only a few general rules that need to be followed.

  • anna

    Hello. I’m a bit late…the timing of taking oil/citric mixture is deemed important as the liver functions at best level between 10 pm and 1 am. Liver cleanses can be done using q variety of fats. Fruit and nut oils even avocados whole..Epson salts are used to relax bile ducts. Apple juice is drunk for the pectin which softens stones.
    Pectin also reduces the cholesterol absorption in intestines so less returned to liver via blood. Vit c or a citric acid helps action of Pectin.
    Bile carries toxins to the bowel for evacuation. So of course the gallbladder is important. Liver cleaning would be vital if gallbladder removed. Liver produces bile that is stored in the gallbladder until further needed by the liver.

  • Victoria

    Hi fellow flushers 😀
    I did the flush last night with fairly good results today – no large stones but many small ones. The one question I have is regarding the parasite cleanse and/or colonics before and/or after the flush. I did not do either of these and I’m wondering what everyone thinks in regards to how necessary a part of the process this is. I am going to do the flush again in 2 or 3 weeks and I have bought a parasite cleanse already because I’m interested in seeing if this will make a difference in the results but I just wondered what experiences/opinions others had regarding this step.
    P.S./ I also have digestion problems and I’m hoping that doing a series of flushes will alleviate these issues.

  • Pamela

    Hi Victoria,

    From my unerstanding the parasite cleanse is really important. The liver flush is not effective if you have parasites in your liver. I use Black walnut and wormwood complex with cloves the week leading up to the flush. I personally would not use anything other than this tincure as pharmaceutical parasite cleanses destroys your gut flora.

    I have never done the colonics but I do recommend (coffee) enemas it helps getting more stones out. :)

    Hope this helps

  • anna

    Hi, am only expert regarding my own experiences, lol. I would assume that if you got stones livercleanse worked! Well done.
    Clearing the colon beforehand is suggested so there is a clearish path for stones ect to evacuate. Also the body gets rid of toxic matter as well. That is why drinking half your weight in water is suggested along with enema or colonics.
    I’ve just gone route of lots of water and senna without skin erruptions. And other signs of poor elimination, in the few days after a cleanse.
    There are very good reasons to first clean colon
    Secondly control parasites
    Thirdly liver and kidney cleanse
    With digestion problems I would definately clean colon first. Maybe look into drinking benontite clay with a fibre. No sugar or even honey.
    Good luck. Anna

  • Victoria

    Thank you for the responses! I will definitely do the parasite cleanse before the liver flush next time (2-3 weeks from now). I’ve had a headache for 2 days – same headache I get when I do raw juice fasts so I know it’s toxins working their way out etc. I keep telling myself it’s all good…
    I’ve already seen an improvement in my digestion – less bloating and heartburn after I eat – plus I don’t have that brick in the stomach feeling every time I have carbs. Amazing. :)
    Can’t wait to see further improvements after my next flush!!!

  • anna

    Truely amazing, I agree. I have cured myself of lupus and believe parasite and liver cleanse plus no sugar and clean blood was the simple protocol.
    I discovered that virgin coconut oil along with wild oregano oil worked well together to clean colon and kill blood virus paras ,as well as candida. Coconut has lauric acid which dissolves the livid coating some virus have.Parasites seem to become tolerant of herbs so switching different essences around works well. A naturalpath should know what’s up.
    Also some parasites will migrate if the protocol used just irrate em and there is no proper flushing out of colon, ie lots of clean water with lemon juice..
    Bentonite clay also serves a few purposes in colon cleansing and shredding up paras! With garlic (activating the allicine (sp) with lemon or oil before eating.
    Colon cleanse kits are basically just magnesium citrite (to poo) and l_cystine or l_ornithine .
    Also to have magnesium supplements end calcium. Dolimite?
    It’s interesting to look up what all the cell salts and ect do. Have to replace them and the good flora everyday when flushing.

  • Dave N

    I’ve done the liver flush. I actually finished it today, and I know a lot of people report seeing the green floating globules. I got a little bit of that, but you know what else I got? PALE globules, like the calcified kind that you see when you look at typical stones that would show up in an x-ray. PALE!!

    I was stunned to see them, there were about 9-12 of them. The pain is gone now. I’ve done some research, and I found an interesting clinical study about how stones will float when you’re fasting, due to the lack of “contrast material”, aka food, which increases the specific gravity of the solution the stones float in. They found that patients who fast, the stones float in the solution in the gall bladder, and that after patients eat, the stones sink. The study is unrelated to the liver flush.

    Anyway, apparently fasting is important for the liver flush to work. Also, there have been anecdotal reports compiled that report that stones are passed out of the gall bladder that were verified via ultrasound.

    Honestly, considering how much hee hawing there is about the efficacy of this, with the skeptics (mostly MD’s) saying it doesn’t work, and the testimonials of patients (yes it does!), how hard would it be to conduct a study of 100-200 people doing the liver flush, have an ultrasound before, an ultrasound during the first 20 minutes during the olive oil consumption, and an ultrasound afterwards? That would verify once and for all what’s going in there.

    As for me, I feel a hell of a lot better. Having the gall bladder removed today, is like yesterdays, what the hell, let’s take out your appendix, or heck, get rid of the tonsils, you don’t really need them.

    Really? Evolution over thousands of years has us using those same organs. If they truly were extraneous, they would have been excised long ago. I’ll keep my gall bladder, thank you very much.

  • Maria

    Hi Erica,
    I just started a liver cleanse called “Deuces Wild” from I do have the book you used also and will incorporate the use of the alternate to epsom salts next time.

    I did not experience the symptoms of feeling sick like you did so far.

    I have skin problems including a small amount of psoriasis on my scalp which only manifested about 6 months ago.

    I am also using a product from the website I mentioned to help with the skin issues I have. He also reccommended a liver flush. I will let you know how it goes.

  • Cristina Montejo

    hello! i’m sitting here on the morning of my 13th flush looking for more information on the web and found your article. i started the flushes over a year ago and have been doing one, on average, about once a month and still getting lots and lots of stones out. when i began the series of flushes i had 3 deep vertical lines on my forehead, which indicates that my liver had been blocked for so long that it had become completely congested and had started hardening. the third line indicated a congested spleen as well. i’m 36 years old now, but the funny thing is i’ve had those lines in my forehead since i was 10 years old and have experience ever worsening symptoms since childhood, almost all associated with my digestion like constipation, bloating, cysts on my tongue, etc. after 13 flushes, i am down to one vertical line on my forehead – i am no longer bloated and my digestion has improved drastically.

    it’s getting more and more difficult for me to do the flushes – i tend to experience a lot of emotional turmoil and nausea during the prep week and during the flush as well. the emotional stuff isn’t new – i have discovered first hand how repressed anger and jealousy are intimately tied to a congested liver – i have been a pretty angry, miserable, depressed person for my entire life. i’m actually so much calmer and clear-thinking now – so, during the prep week when my liver starts getting ready for the flush and all this anger and sadness and anxiety begins it’s strange to think that i used to feel like that 100% of the time. it’s amazing to me how much i’ve healed emotionally b/c of the liver flushes.

    another thing is that my TMD is almost healed. i’ve been clenching and grinding my jaw at night for that past 12 years, which i thought was due to stress and my hectic lifestyle. however, after a year w/out job-related stress and 2 1/2 years on a raw vegan diet i was still clenching & grinding. since my first cleanse i’ve been feeling the salts around the joints in my neck and face dissolving. i have been able to crack my neck in places i never have before and my mobility has increased at least 50% – i can turn my head to look behind me now! i thought it was all those car accidents i experience during my early 20’s that gave me neck issues but it ends up my constant neck pain was related to my completely congested liver. about 8 or 9 flushes in and my jaw started to loosen and crack as well – this went on for about a month as it would involuntary crack (kinda loud & scary b/c it would happen out of nowhere) and release tension and pressure that had been there for over a decade. now, my neck no longer hurts or gives me trouble and my jaw feels fine – no more clenching or grinding, no more cracking & settling – it just sits there with no pressure! however, during the flush it does start back up a little as the liver becomes agitated and prepares for the flush.

    ok, so i feel like i’m totally rambling now. my point is that i couldn’t have made all this stuff up and i couldn’t have cured my really, really awful long lasting chronic constant illnesses without the liver flush. like i said before, i was 100% raw vegan for 2 1/2 years before starting the flushes – i detoxed quite a bit and cured my severe tendonitis, hair and nail growth problems, depression, etc. but many symptoms remained. a clean liver is a clean bill of health – i wholeheartedly believe this. i met many, many people who cured many, many illnesses and symptoms through a series of liver/gallbladder flushes which is why i decided to give andreas moritz’s book a try. hundreds of people couldn’t be wrong – and i met and spoke with each and every one of them about their amazing, positive experiences with the flush. all of these testimonials COULD NOT be wrong – it’s absolutely impossible, it just is. hundreds of different people you meet over the course of a year from different places from around the world with different sicknesses and illnesses couldn’t all have conspired to sit with me and tell me how the liver/gallbladder flush saved their lives.

    if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired just try this experiment – do one flush, see if anything comes out, and see how you feel afterwards. i promise, promise, promise it will change your life forever in a million ways you couldn’t have even imagined. you owe this to yourself!!!!!! you really deserve to feel wonderful and amazing and to enjoy your life!!!!!!


    • Anonymous

      I had my gall bladder removed two years ago and would like to try a liver flush. I am leaning towards Dr Moritz plan. Does anyone know if there should be any adjusts to the process if you do not have a gall bladder.


  • Parker P

    I did a flush about 3 months ago and was violently sick during night of the oil. I have been left with gastritis from what must have been an acid burn and am still in a lot of pain as nothing seems to help. i have been advised to carry on flushing until I get it clear as then the gastritis might clear up. I am scared to do it again in case of the sickness but at least I know what to expect and will try desperately to get through it this time.


    I am writing after eat 11.30 ligth meal because just finished my liver and gallblader cleanse according Andrea Moritz method.
    Work fine Idid not have any porblem at all. I could see In the Toilet many green type of balls, and I think is because of mixture of Epsom salt and Olive oil, but the blacks ones are more dense or hard and looks like that came from my inside where, probably from the gallbalder or maybe from the liver. Somebody think that´s came from the guts. What all you think? I also went to toilet more than 6 times. In the first at 5.45 I saw the black stones in the following only green. Tha´t my experience today

  • Nicola

    Great to see some good objective discussion of Gall bladder flushes. I’m a Naturopath and I teach gall flushes at the Naturopathic college where I work, and it’s amazing the health benefits you see in people – increased energy, less mucus, reduced allergy response….what’s not to like! One key point Moritz makes is its not wise to only do one flush, as it can really stir things up! Continue doing a monthly flush until you have two consecutive flushes with no stones…then consider a yearly one to keep yourself on track. When you consider that the liver has over 2000 functions, anything that helps it is to be of huge benefit to the whole body…not just the liver and gall bladder! Nicola Swanson ND MH HbT BA