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Oookay… so I’ve been playing a lot of online poker in the past few days. I’ve discovered that they hold no-limit hold’em tournaments every day online, which is… well… exciting! Hold’em is quite addictive and I love playing.

I’ve entered 4 tournaments in the past 2 days, with entry fees ranging from $0 to $40. (All told I’ve spent about $100.) The first one I entered tonight was a free tournament which attracted 1377 players. I finished #170, which wasn’t bad.

I then decided to push my luck and entered another tournament with a $7 buy-in. I spent $21 total including an add-on and a re-buy. There were 36 players and I finished 5th!! I won $30.

Yes, I realize I only netted $9 tonight, and am down overall, but for having only known what Hold’em was for about a month now, I feel I’m doing quite well. As an added bonus, I am scaring the shit out of my cats every time I win a huge hand by screaming out loud. Today I went all-in as a bluff. The other guy called — fortunately he had nothing either — and I ended up sucking out with a 3 on the river. I screamed so loudly that Alexis (my big orange/black/white calico kitty) bolted away from me and into the kitchen.

I have had so much fun playing Hold’em that I have to remember not to bet too much. Still, gambling in any form has always been exciting for me, and I’m quite gratified to win my first online tournament (or at least place and receive cash for it.) YAY ME!!!

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